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This is Henny (63). The biggest risk she ever took was to open her own vintage boutique called ”Voor-Gedragen” in August last year. After having worked for many years as an employee for several different companies, she is now on her own. It was a dream she always had, to open her own company.
Henny:” I am very proud of myself that I followed my heart. I have a boutique with pre-loved vintage fashion, bags, shoes and accessories. I select everything myself. During the start-up last year I had a lot of help from my husband and good friends who supported me during this exiting journey.”
I asked Henny what her fantasy version of her older self is? She answered: ”That’s a beautiful question and it causes me to think about it… But I guess I see myself older, wiser and surrounded with friends taking my life as it comes. And I will look like Joke from @dressandgo.nl, especially the hair. 😃
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